Purpose:  To warm the body, build immunity, and re-mineralize body systems. 

Autumn Radiance is a tonic herbal formula;
taken regularly over a season it continues to

build deep nutrient and qi*  reserves (see explanation at bottom)

while toning tissues and organ systems.

Maintenance usage is two capsules daily;however,
up to six capsules daily may be used for specific needs or to “jump-start” the expected benefits.

Autumn Season is September 22 – December 20, 2016


(180 Count) $49.95
Less than 56¢ a serving

Ingredients: bupleurum root, ophiopogon root, garlic bulb, ligustrum berry, tang kuei root, dried ginger root, dendrobium stem, lotus seed, schisandra fruit, lycium berry, Chinese licorice root, Alfalfa juice powder, bee propolis.

Each ingredient contributes to the effectiveness of the formula:

Bupleurum root (Bupleurum Chinensis)

  •  Regulation of liver and gall bladder functions
  •  Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-pyretic (reduces fever)
  • Organ meridians most benefitted are Liver, Gall Bladder, Pericardium and Triple Warmer** (see explanation)

Ophiopogon root (Ophiopogonis Japonicus)

  • Moistens lungs, loosens mucus and tones the heart
  •  Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Organ meridians most benefitted are Heart, Lungs and Kidneys.

Garlic bulb

  • Detoxifies circulatory systems and reduces swelling
  • Anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial.
  • Organ meridians most benefitted are Lungs, Spleen, Stomach and Large Intestine.

Ligustrum berry (Nu Zhen Zi)

  • Tones cardiovascular functions and nourishes the liver
  •  Helps control dizziness and palpitations, and benefits hearing
  •  Organ meridians most benefitted are Liver and Kidneys.

Tang Kuei root (Angelica Sinensis)

  • Nourishes the blood and qi *(see explanation)
  • Mildly sedative, pain-relieving and moistens intestines
  • Organ meridians most benefitted are Spleen, Liver and Heart.

Dried Ginger root (Gan Jiang)

  • Warms the interior of the body, especially benefitting digestion and cardiovascular flow
  • Anti-spasmodic and expectorant; dissolves phlegm
  • Organ meridians most benefitted are Stomach, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys and Heart.

Dendrobium stem (Shi Hu)

  • Moistens lungs and replenishes fluids
  •  Aids digestion; analgesic and anti-inflammatory
  • Organ meridians most benefitted are Stomach, Lungs and Kidneys.

Lotus seed (Lian Zi)

  • Tones the spleen and kidneys and calms the heart
  • Stabilizes smooth muscle function, especially intestinal peristalsis; mildly sedative
  • Organ meridians most benefitted are Kidneys, Spleen and Heart.

Schisandra fruit (Wu Wei Zi)

  • Nourishes kidneys, tones the lungs and heart
  • Anti-diarrheal and may help urinary incontinence
  •  Organ meridians most benefitted are Kidneys, Lungs and Stomach.

Lycium berry (Gou Qi Zi)

  • Blood tonic, and helps control blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Clears toxins from the liver, and nourishes kidneys and liver
  • Organ meridians most benefitted are Liver and Kidneys.

Chinese Licorice root (Gan Cao)

  • Supports spleen functions, nourishes qi*(see explanation), moistens lungs and mucus membranes, and harmonizes stomach function
  •  Anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory and controls cough
  • Organ meridians most benefitted are all twelve primary channels:  Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer** (see explanation), Lungs, Large Intestine, Kidneys-Adrenals, Urinary Bladder, Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Spleen-Pancreas.

Alfalfa juice powder (Medicago Sativa)

  • A potent nutritive and cleansing herb
  • Supplies valuable trace minerals, chlorophyll and enzymes; a blood builder and urinary tract cleanser
    • Organ meridians most benefitted are Kidneys, Bladder and Small Intestine

Bee Propolis (Apis Mellifica)

  • Supports immune system and protects against pathogens
  • Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Organ meridians most benefitted are Stomach and Liver


*Qi (or chi) is the basic energy within all things; it is life force.   In the body qi manifests as digestive power, reproductive energy, nerve force, organ strength and immune system power.

**Triple Warmer can be defined as the cooperative functioning of three bodily zones:

  • Upper warmer includes heart, throat, head, lungs and pericardium
  • Middle warmer comprises stomach, gall bladder and spleen
  • Lower warmer includes kidneys and bladder, liver, intestines, spleen and reproductive organs.

A primary role of the Triple Warmer is to regulate the bodily fluids.