Living Radiance produces exceptionally high-quality herbal supplements that are safe and effective. Decades of practical experience in natural healthcare have led to the development of formulas that are unequaled in their ability to produce proven results.

Our bodies thrive on whole foods and herbs, whether on your plate or in a capsule. All Living Radiance formulas are made from the finest natural, herbal, food-sourced ingredients, making Living Radiance the premier herbal supplement line. Every ingredient in our formulas comes with a Certificate of Analysis from an independent laboratory, which includes testing to guarantee there are no heavy metals, molds, harmful bacteria, and toxic chemicals from the environment. The lab testing also includes verification of the products authenticity. In short, we guarantee safety and purity. Our Living Radiance formulator has a deep understanding of the biochemistry of the human body, and has developed uniquely balanced formulas that:

1) Work with and honor the body’s innate wisdom
2) Support the natural ability to repair & heal
3) Feed and tone organs and tissues
4) Result in radiant health!

When the seasons change, so does your body. Warming herbs and nutrients are needed when the thermometer dips, whereas lighter, cooling herbs are useful in warm weather. Our Seasonal Formulas support your adaptive responses, strengthening and energizing you no matter what Mother Nature sends your way!

The human body thrives on high-quality nutrient support. When our cells have what they need, they function optimally and resist disease. Herbal supplements-in contrast to synthetic drugs-raise our health potential and align with our body’s healthy design.

Our bodies heal by repairing or replacing old, worn-out, diseased cells with healthy, new cells-this is cure. Synthetic drugs cannot build new cells, only food will do that; therefore, drugs don’t cure. HERBS ARE CONCENTRATED FOODS, and provide what our cells need for repair. We at Living Radiance employ scientific & time-honored methods of herbal formulation to produce the finest, safest, most effective supplements available. We diligently research the herbal ingredients in every Living Radiance product to obtain the best and safest herbs in the world. Every product has an American certificate of analysis, guaranteeing purity (from mold, pathogens, pesticides, heavy metals, etc etc), we research what part of the plant is most beneficial & and weather that part needs to be strictly organic. Every ingredient in the formulas are carefully considered. The result is formulas of unsurpassed quality.