Jim Williams, Expert Herbalist & Nutritionalist

The man behind the development of Living Radiance products is Jim Williams, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Iridologist. For more than three decades, Jim has been the owner and chief practitioner of Williams Wellness Holistic Health Center, located in the Port Huron, Michigan area.

Early in his career Jim studied with renowned Nutritionist and Iridologist Dr. Bernard Jensen at his health ranch in California, and continued studies with The Science Institute for Iridology and Thought, Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, as well as many additional courses in Herbalism and Nutrition. In private study, Jim has spent years delving into the herbal traditions of China, India and the Americas. He has taught countless natural foods cooking classes, with a focus on eating seasonally according to biologically-accurate principles.

Jim was co-owner of a health food store for over twenty years, and developed many products that addressed his customers’ needs. Today, he continues his passion for supplement formulation with the exceptional Living Radiance line of products.

Kathy M., True Believer

"Approximately 28 years ago I began suffering with bronchitis during the seasonal change from fall to winter or winter to spring. That went on for a couple of years until a friend recommended I go see Jim Williams for help. Along with putting me on daily vitamins and supplements he also started me on Living Radiance Winter Radiance. He recommended I continue the Winter Radiance for a couple of years. As a result I never became ill again. Then he recommended I continue with the other Seasonal Formulas to help my system adapt to seasonal changes. I continued that for many years and was staying healthy. Eventually for some reason I stopped taking them and as a result, I came down with bronchitis again. I started taking Winter Radiance again, and have done so for the past two years, and I’ve been bronchitis free since! You can bet that I will keep taking the Seasonal Formulas from now on.... BECAUSE They WORK!!!! I also believe it has kept me from getting other illnesses too."

Rosemarie J., Homemaker

"I got through the winter with less S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) and didn’t get the flu this year for the first time in many years. Some days I forget to take my other vitamins, but I always take the appropriate Seasonal Formula."

Jen R., Teacher

"Before Autumn Radiance, I was on several daily prescriptions and a rescue inhaler. I hated having to use my inhaler every time my allergy-induced asthma kicked in. This formula has been a lifesaver for my sinus congestion/headaches and treats my chest heaviness/wheezing fast! I love knowing that I’m helping my body heal rather than just covering up the symptoms!"

Tom R., Carpenter

"My sleep got better when I started taking Autumn Radiance; then I moved to Winter Radiance a couple of months later and I noticed more energy; I can’t wait to see what happens with the Spring Radiance."

Cathy D., Medical Transcription Editor

"I used to HATE summer. The heat made me so nauseous and uncomfortable. Now I am much more tolerant of the heat and can actually enjoy some summer outdoor activities since taking Summer Radiance."

Janette M., College Student

"Spring Radiance helps to cleanse my body from the winter doldrums; plus my Spring allergies from budding trees used to make me miserable. Now I just feel so much better!"

Bob H., Environmental Specialist

"Every spring I used to get a cold with terrible sinus problems. Since starting Spring Radiance two years ago I haven’t had that lousy cold!"

Deborah L.

"I was getting one cold after another; since I’ve been taking the Living Radiance Seasonal products I haven’t had a cold in eleven months."

Sharon V., Retired School Teacher

"I just love the idea of taking a supplement for each season, and I know my health is better for it."

Barry D., College Professor

"Energy and stamina are better when I’m using the Seasonal Formulas."

Laura S., Professional Singer

"After four seasons of taking the products I can look back and say I’m healthier and happier than a year ago!"

Tiffany P., Health Coach and Personal Trainer

"I’m writing to tell you about the wonderful experiences I have had with Living Radiance Products, as have many of my family, friends and clients. Being a Health Coach and Personal Trainer I have been on a quest to find not only good products, but GREAT products…and I’d like to say THANK YOU! Let’s start with the Seasonal Radiances. What I like most about these products is that you’re not just getting the nutrients from typical foods that you eat in a normal day. You get what you need for the season. How fantastic is that?! I love the idea that the Winter Radiance helps build your immunity and the Spring Radiance helps you detox from the winter season. CircuTone has been a lifesaver for so many of my clients that have suffered with poor circulation, aches, pains, joint problems, hot flashes…and the list goes on. I have noticed an improvement with the shortness of my client’s illnesses/alignments, to changes as noticeable as no colds and flus at all anymore. AMAZING. I have searched for MANY years (over 25) to find formulations like this, from a company I could trust; and most importantly, products from a company with integrity. The formulations are a perfect combination of what we need and want, blended together to keep us all a little bit better, stronger and most importantly HEALTHIER. Thank you, Living Radiance, not only for helping me, but for also helping hundreds of my clients find what I would call the perfect line of health products."

Tammy K., Communications Professional

"Living Radiance CircuTone has truly been a life changer for me. Restless heavy legs and achy lower back made it difficult to live an active lifestyle. I am once again able to enjoy walking, gardening, bicycling and many other activities. This is a wonderful natural supplement that I take with confidence and will never be without."

Chris W., Teacher

"I started using CircuTone when I would sometimes feel sluggishness in my legs and arms at night. I had a very fast response from the product. I certainly recommend it to anyone for circulatory issues. It is a wonderful product!"

Alyce N., Homemaker

"Living Radiance CircuTone is full of good stuff! It helps my circulation and allows me to continue my brisk morning walk."

Pam M., Homemaker

"I love ThyroTone--it’s my "happy pill". This product really improved my energy levels and my mood."

Rev. Julie M., Minister

“I want to recommend a product that is completely natural and so very effective. It is ImmuTone, an immune booster that is very effective on viral infections like Shingles. I got my first case of shingles when I was 4 years old, then over the years I have had recurrences in times of stress or lack of sleep. Since finding UnnyTone I have cleared an outbreak of Shingles and have not had any other recurrences. I recommend this to anyone who has experienced these kinds of viral outbreaks. I won’t be without it in the future.”

Wanda H, Retail Food Service

“Turmeric Complex provides overall well being for my body. It’s helps with headaches, reduces their intensity when I do get them. It also keeps my joints supple, especially my knees.”

Sharon V., Retired School Teacher

“My hands were achy every morning, and felt stiff when I opened and closed them. My feet had become sensitive to step on when getting out of bed. After about two weeks of starting Turmeric Complex my symptoms were 100% gone; actually, I think I felt better much sooner than two weeks, but didn't notice the improvement! because the symptoms were gone! Turmeric Complex has significantly lessened the level of discomfort in my knees and shoulders.”

William M., Teacher of Esoteric Philosophy

“I have found Chlorella and Dulse to be an amazing source of natural vitamins and minerals. They are physically vitalizing, and having them combined in capsule form has been remarkably convenient. I highly recommend this Living Radiance product to anyone committed to good nutrition and natural health.”

Jack B.

“I want to get off the prescription medication I’m taking for it, partly because of the dangerous side-effects, but mostly because it doesn’t help much!” After checking with a pharmacist to be sure there was no contraindication with medications, Jack began 2 CircuTone capsules capsules twice daily. On the third day Jack told us ecstatically, “After only two days on CircuTone I’ve been sleeping through the night, with 90% of the restless leg problem gone!”

Cathy M., Chiropractor

“ThyroTone is a gift of health & energy for me. I used to take prescription Armour Thyroid, but now I find that ThyroTone gives me the stamina that I need. I was feeling tired & fatigued but ThyroTone improves my energy dramatically. The excessive hair loss that I was having has stopped, and I sleep better!”