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  • No sweeteners, fillers, preservatives, colors or flavors. GMO Free.
  • Free of corn, wheat, dairy, yeast and gluten.
This product is not intended for the cure, treatment, prevention or mitigation of disease.


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  • • Supports Immune Function, Relieves Fatigue
  • • Nourishes & Replenishes Stores of Nutrients
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Get Proven Benefits

ImmuTone is the finest natural herbal support for your immune system! ImmuTone is a tonic herbal formula--it can safely be taken over a long period of time to tone, support & balance the many vital functions of the immune system. In these stressful modern times our immune systems take a beating, potentially leading to chronic or degenerative conditions. ImmuTone provides the nutrients and herbal support needed to build the strength and endurance to deal with these health challenges:

  • Environmental toxins and poisons, including radiation
  • Chronic stress and fatigue
  • Helps your body defend against viruses and bacteria that have mutated from overuse of antibiotics
  • Support for Liver health
  • Adaptogenic (adapts to your body's needs)
  • Antifungal & antibacterial

Real People & Real Results

  • circutone-herbal-supplement-testimonial-04.png
    "I got my first case of shingles when I was 4 years old, then over the years I have had recurrences in times of stress or lack of sleep. Since finding ImmuTone I have cleared an outbreak of Shingles and have not had any other recurrences. I recommend this to anyone who has experienced these kinds of viral outbreaks. I won’t be without it in the future." - Rev. Julie M., Minister

Packed with Quality Ingredients

  • bupleurum-herbal-supplement-ingredient.jpg
    GanoUltra Reishi Mushrooms (Ganoderma Lucidum x-3 & Ganoderma Applanatum)

    GanoUltra--white, red, black and purple reishi mushrooms
    (Ganoderma Lucidum (x-3) & Ganoderma Applanatum)

      • Nourishes and replenishes stores of nutrients and qi*; warms, tones and astringes tissues; dispels toxins; relieves fatigue
      • Expectorant and antitussive; helps regulate blood pressure; antibacterial; supports liver health; adaptogenic (adapts to bodily needs); has traditionally been used for cancer and age-related wasting diseases
      • Organ meridians most benefited are Liver, Lungs and Urinary Bladder

    *Qi (or chi) is the basic energy within all things; it is life force. In the body qi manifests as digestive power, reproductive energy, nerve force, organ strength and immune system power.

  • ophiopogon-japonicus-herbal-supplement-ingredient.jpg
    Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis)

    (Cordyceps Sinensis)

    • Tones kidneys and lungs; supports immune functions; warms and activates distressed and weak bodily functions; promotes strength and stamina
    • Adaptogenic (adapts to bodily needs); antiasthmatic; expectorant; astringent; antitumor; anti-fungal
    • Organ meridians most benefited are Lungs and Kidneys
  • garlic-clove-herbal-supplement-ingredient.jpg
    Amla berries (Phyllanthus Emblica)

    Amla berries
    (Phyllanthus Emblica)

    • Promotes the neutralization and elimination of wastes; very potent source of vitamin C and antioxidants; reduces cholesterol; balances blood pressure and blood sugar
    • Antimicrobial; anti inflammatory; stimulates hair growth; aids digestion; has traditionally been used for diabetes, some cancers, and age-related kidney disease
    • Organ meridians most benefited are Lungs, Liver and Intestines
  • ligustrum-berry-herbal-supplement-ingredient.jpg
    Bee Propolis (Apis Mellifica)

    Bee Propolis
    (Apis Mellifica)

    • Supports immune system and protects against pathogens
    • Antifungal, antibacterial and anti inflammatory
    • Organ meridians most benefited are Stomach and Liver
  • radix-angelicae-sinensis-herbal-supplement-ingredient.jpg
    Cloves (Caryophylli Flos)

    (Caryophylli Flos)

    • Warms the Middle Warmer (see Triple Warmer**); improves digestion; relieves gas
    • Antibacterial; antifungal; mildly tranquilizing
    • Organ meridians most benefited are Stomach, Spleen, Lungs and Kidneys
  • ginger-root-herbal-supplement-ingredient.jpg
    Astragalus Root (Huang Qi)

    Astragalus Root
    (Huang Qi)

    • Tones and strengthens immune system and spleen, supports metabolism and energizes the lungs
    • Helps control perspiration and urination, anti-diarrheal, initiates dispersion and discharge of pus and swelling
    • Organ meridians most benefited are Spleen and Lungs.
  • dendrobium-orchids-herbal-supplement-ingredient.jpg
    Ligustrum Berry (Nu Zhen Zi)

    Ligustrum Berry
    (Nu Zhen Zi)

    • Tones cardiovascular functions and nourishes the liver
    • Helps control dizziness and palpitations, and benefits hearing
    • Organ meridians most benefited are Liver and Kidneys.
  • lotus-seed-herbal-supplement-ingredient.jpg
    Apricot Seed (Xing Ren)

    Apricot Seed
    (Xing Ren)

    • Controls cough; lubricates lungs and intestines; warms the Middle Warmer (see Triple Warmer**)
    • Antitussive and expectorant; mildly antibiotic
    • Organ meridians most benefited are Large Intestine and Lungs

    **Triple Warmer can be defined as the cooperative functioning of three bodily zones:

    • Upper warmer includes heart, throat, head, lungs and pericardium
    • Middle warmer comprises stomach, gallbladder and spleen
    • Lower warmer includes kidneys and bladder, liver, intestines, spleen and reproductive organs.
  • schisandra-chinensi-herbal-supplement-ingredient.jpg
    Dendrobium Stem (Shi Hu)

    Dendrobium Stem
    (Shi Hu)

    • Moistens lungs and replenishes fluids
    • Aids digestion; analgesic and anti inflammatory
    • Organ meridians most benefited are Stomach, Lungs and Kidneys
  • hawthorn-berry-herbal-supplement-ingredient-02.jpg
    Dried Ginger Root (Gan Jiang)

    Dried Ginger Root
    (Gan Jiang)

    • Warms the interior of the body, especially benefitting digestion and cardiovascular flow
    • Antispasmodic and expectorant; dissolves phlegm
    • Organ meridians most benefited are Stomach, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys and Heart.

Radiant Ingredients

Every herb and nutrient in ImmuTone is stringently tested for heavy metals, harmful bacteria, molds and additives; after testing, we receive a separate Certificate of Analysis for every ingredient. But we don’t stop there. After the individual ingredients in the formula are mixed, the entire mixture is tested again before capsuling. So only the finest, purest herbs and nutrients will pass our quality control. Be assured that we will offer you only the highest quality herbal products, because we’re committed to helping you achieve your health goals. It’s the right thing to do - and it’s just good business! We hope you’ll agree.

Why it Works

ImmuTone effectively provides the nutrients needed to tone & strengthen the immune system.

In the finest herbal preparations, the effectiveness of a formula comes from the precise blending of herbs that not only target a condition, but also the blending of herbs that work best together. ImmuTone provides powerful adaptogenic potential to heal and thrive!

  • Relieves chronic stress and fatigue
  • Provides powerful adaptogenic potential
  • Tone & strengthen the immune system
  • Supports Liver health