Jim Williams is the founder and chief formulator of Living Radiance Products; he's spent over 40 years studying and living the principles of natural healthcare. Jim approaches each new formula with a deep understanding of how the body works-including its needs during times of recovery as well as health.

Integrating and distilling wisdom from several herbal traditions is one of Jim's passions, and he melds the modern, scientific knowledge of herbalism with time-tested herbal lore gathered from centuries of trial-and-error.

The Traditional Chinese method of herbal formulation is among the most intensive and comprehensive systems in the world. Understanding the myriad properties, qualities and functions of each herb is essential; but how a single herb fits with others in a formula requires painstaking study and analysis. Weeks, even months of determined consideration is necessary before a formula is finally ready for clinical trials!

With Living Radiance Products, these trials typically include anecdotal feedback from the trial participants, as well as laboratory testing (example: before-and-after blood tests for thyroid function to determine ThyroTone effectiveness).
Every Living Radiance product has undergone several formula changes, based on trial data, until it is proven to provide consistent results.