Environmental Clean-Up Inside & Out

Most of us are aware we need to clean up the external environment, but what about the environment inside our bodies?

Yes, we need to stop polluting our rivers, lakes and oceans, soils and air with toxic chemicals, radiation and greenhouse gasses. These human-made pollutants are threatening our very health and survival.

The Inside Job

But hand-in-hand with worldwide pollution is the accumulation of internal poisons from:

  • drug side-effects
  • junk food
  • chemical-laden soda pop
  • alcoholic beverages
  • artificial sweeteners
  • animal-source foods from diseased animals
  • and denatured flour, salt & sugar products.

A few years ago, I began to notice the types of trash along the streets, beaches and park where I walk, swim and ride my bike. I seldom come across fruit or vegetable peels, purified water bottles or food wrappers from the local health food store! What I see the most are plastic cups that contained fluorescent orange or green soda pop, empty potato and corn chip bags, lite beer cans, non-biodegradable plastic & foam containers from the big fast-food chains, cigarette butts & snuff containers, and wrappers from all sorts of candies, donuts & other sweets.

Litter Within & Without

I’m certainly not suggesting that only people who consume junk food are litterers, but the inordinate amount of litter from ‘bad food choices’ begs a question: Are we less aware, and less motivated to care   for the external environment, when we are polluting our    internal landscape?

Toxicity Symptoms

Foods that create an acidic, toxic environment in our tissues, blood, lymph, brain & nerves begin to suppress our awareness. Appreciation of our external and internal environment becomes smaller, more contracted.

Our trillions of cells get so overloaded with toxic wastes that they can no longer function at a vibrant and healthy level. Thinking is muddled and emotions are erratic; aches and pains rule the day. In this condition, who has the energy for cleaning-up the neighborhood?

After months and years of this rising tide of internal toxicity, a kind of physical depression can set in, along with vague feelings of fearfulness and uncertainty about the future. We become less sure-footed, not only when walking but also when moving forward toward our treasured goals, dreams and aspirations. Our capacity and enthusiasm to serve others--something beyond ourselves--shrinks. We get old before our time!

Make a Change!

To be a proper steward of the environment in our neighborhood, state, country or world, it might be useful to begin by cleaning-up the body you’re inhabiting first. Start locally (and you can’t get more local than your own body)! Add a few more vegetables to your diet each week. These are the cleansers to get suppressive, illness-causing wastes out of your body. Steadily, little-by-little over the next weeks and months, add more variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Decrease the junk food, processed meats and empty-calorie carbs, and begin replacing toxic, chemicalized beverages with pure water, herbal teas and fresh juices.

Include high-quality whole food & herb supplements to your diet to steadily and safely support the rebuilding of organs and tissues. You’ll find that the high-frequency foods and supplements will begin to reestablish a positive flow of energy and vitality...a kind of living radiance! Imagine how good you’ll feel as your body and mind begin to operate again with enthusiasm, clarity, stamina and centeredness.

Serving Self and Others

Eventually, the activities of a healthy, mature person (at any age) center around serving someone or something outside of oneself. Many philosophers, teachers and wise men & women have suggested that service is a significant indicator of health, happiness and sanity.

So, picture if you can, the wonderful, unique and satisfying life that’s in your future; but start where you are, without shame or guilt, and move steadily toward a healthier you--inside and out!

For a great internal detoxifier check out Chlorella & Dulse with Fennel.

It’s safe, cost-effective, environmentally friendly—and it works!